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Garage Door Repair Oshawa

Garage Door Cables Repair

Cable off the drum? Frayed or broken cable? We cover Oshawa garage door cables repair needs as fast as possible. Is the overhead door moving up in a funny way? Did the cable come off the track? When it comes to cables, we try to assist our customers in Oshawa, Ontario, as soon as possible. And speed is important when cable problems occur. Cables are major parts of your overhead door. They are the right-hand of the springs. If the cable is off its drum or broken, there will be a serious problem with the way the door moves. Depending on the problem, the overhead door might get jammed too. And that’s why Oshawa Garage Door Repair helps fast.Garage Door Cables Repair Oshawa

We offer urgent cable repair service

Our techs do any required garage door cables repair work as soon as possible. Did the cable come off the drum? Before we put it back, we check its condition but also the condition of the drum. We take a look at the bottom bracket, the track, the spring and any other component to make sure nothing else is broken, misaligned, or worn. Troubleshooting to determine the reasons for the cable coming off is important. It gives us the full picture of the problem because if it is not fixed right, the cable will keep coming off. And that’s not our intention or what you want. When you trust any repair work related to your garage door cables to our team, you can be sure that the service will be done correctly.

Installing garage door cables is our specialty

We also provide fast garage door cables replacement. Once cables break, there is nothing more anyone can do. Our techs bring the right cable with them when they come to replace the broken one. And we never fail to check the cable at the opposite side of the door. We make sure they are both perfectly wrapped around their drums and make any adjustment needed to make sure they will perform right. You can trust that our pros will always level the overhead door before leaving and check that the cables perform fine. Need garage door cables repair in Oshawa? Contact us now.


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